Here are the sizes of the various adverts.  To help you see how they look on a page and to give you the measurements for your own advert design.  The gazette can help you with advert design which is complimentary for booking a three issue package or more...

A5 MAGAZINES - West End 1 and 2 and Kingswells

Front Page Banner =  128mm x 30mm (w x h)

Full Page = 128mm x 180mm (w x h)

Half Page = 128mm x 89mm  (w x h)

Third Page = 128mm x 58mm (w x h)

Quarter Page = 60mm x 89mm (w x h)

Sixth Page = 60mm x 58mm (w x h)

Eighth Page = 60mm x 42mm (w x h)

Ninth Page = 38mm x 58mm (w x h)

Business Listing = Words only - 30 max  set format