HELP... I'm not doing so good!

So what's gone wrong!

I really don't know... That's a lie!  I do.  I've stopped exercising.  Stopped eating healthily.  Stopped logging my food and exercise.  Comfort eating.  

Had a follow-up meeting with Dr Jo.  Told her some of my issues and said I'm not coping with the NON-BOUNDARY system.  I'm just far too tempted to be naughty and allowing myself to be naughty - not occasionally but ALL THE TIME!

I'm now armed with a new book!  On reading the first chapter I'm motivated again.  It is a six week progress book so just away to start it off.  For those just embarking on a diet/healthy eating/change of lifestyle,  you only do so from day 15!  Yes Day 15 as the first two weeks are to get the HEAD and THINKING LIKE A THIN PERSON  well set up.

So I'm hoping I will no longer have unplanned meals!  The new phrase for being greedy!

Sprained my ankle whilst out delivering so exercise has been curtailed.  I'm not scared of exercise I actually really enjoy it so I suppose not getting to do it is causing a bit of stress and we all know that stress can be the call to indulge!

But I'll be back and let you know my progress.  I've got to buy some flash cards, some sticky notes and a notepad!  I think I have all of those in the house - so off to seek them out and get prepped!  I will regain control.