End of Week 14

Well this is going to be the week from hell!  So so much to do...  Why?  Cos I'm going on holiday!  Yippee I hear you cry, you have lost a lot of weight - you'll look amazing - but what about the diet!  

What about the diet?!

Well the holiday is to Australia and it's for a month!  Ok - still fabulous I know, but how will I manage the diet...

The week leading up to this impending four week jolly to Australia was chaotic.  There was the rush to finish FIVE magazines - yep FIVE.  There was last minute buying for packing!  There was my sister's graduation - A Masters no less...  There was the HAIR, the nails, the feet, the...  all the other bits that needed to be done.  There was last dance classes and oh yes, check the tickets and check-in.  All in a week.

Sister's graduation was lovely.  She looked amazing and we got some lovely photographs.  Last dance class was great.  Packing was - difficult.  I had to fit in 30 days worth of sachets!  I was 1lb away from starting Phase 3 too.  But chose to stick with what I was comfortable with and could manage and stay on Phase 2 with the option to add in some of the extra Phase 3 veg!  Yep - you get extra veg at Phase 3.

So what sachets do I pick.  I ended up picking mainly puddings, chocolate brownie and drinks.  Why?  Because they are all easy to make.  Can be done cold - except the brownie but if push came to shove I would happily eat the cake mix as it is rather good :)  Along with the 150 sachets I had to pack 2 boxes of Quinton, a bottle of all my other supplements too.  There was a big space required for the case.  As an emergency I packed a third of it in my hand luggage in case there was no case at the other end!  I also had my last tightening session for a month - not that I'd miss the suit and the suction but maybe after a month of not having it I'd realise the benefits.