Week 8 and 9

Losing track of time now.  Every week is just another week.  Vegetable deprivation has kicked in!  I so miss onions!  Yep that smelly veg that makes your fingers smell and your eyes stream but adds so much flavour!

Doing well with the exercise and managed a staggering 88000 steps this week.  The dogs are loving it!  Walking them about 4.7 miles a day when time allows and doing deliveries has helped.

I've dropped about another 9lbs in total.  People are noticing and commenting.  Suddenly feeling vulnerable being propelled into the spotlight.  I have spent so many years trying to blend into the wall and not be noticed - sure that is part of the psychological effects of overeating/comfort eating/boredom eating - however you wish to call it.  

Anyway - I just have to suck it up and smile and say thank you.  No explanation is required.

Will I make it to Phase 2 or even 3 before my impending holiday - looking a little doubtful at the moment.