The weekend

Well - that was difficult.

Veggies from the hotel - turned out to be boiled carrots, potatoes and mangetout!  Of course couldn't eat any of it!  Thankfully ALDI were across the road so nipped and bought some allowed salad veg.  That will have to do till I get home.

The timings of the workshops and the timings for my meals clashed a little bit so was probably nearer four hours between meals at times.  Thank goodness for the chocolate brownies which I spoilt by putting in too much mixed spice!

Water... I've drunk litres and litres of it.  The weather was amazing.  Sitting out by the canal in Skipton at lunchtime - truly beautiful.

Managing to wear clothes I've not worn in ages - even years!  Feeling really good.  

On a definite high - and hoping that my sacrifice of a five course meal will pay off on the scales!