Day 7

Been a few days...  feeling exhausted, no energy until I've had at least three sachets.  I'm presuming it is my body adjusting and hoping that next week I'll be able to pursue some more exercise.  Day 6 I did go  dancing and energy level was good.

Day 7 so the end of the first week.  I have definitely lost weight - how much?  I'm not sure until tonight!  I have to don my lovely white suit again this evening for my roller experience after the ultrasound... will try my best to describe the experience!

When I arrive at my appointment I hand over my list of food for the following week.  I then embark on the three flights of stairs to get to the treatment room... yes I'm heavy breathing at the end of it.  Then I have to slip into my white suit.  This in itself is like doing a commando assault course... stretching the darn thing to fit around you and cover your bits.  You then look down and go - oh my god - horrendous!  Doesn't matter which way you look - back or front - it is horrendous.  But just put your pride in your back pocket and suck it up.  It was you that made you the size you are today!  Nobody else to blame.

Then you are asked to stand on the scales.... and I've lost...





A whopping 8.5lbs!  Pretty pleased with myself.  So I'm obviously looking slightly skinnier than I thought in my white suit this week.

Next step... onto the couch and a strap goes round your tummy and the ultrasound pads are slotted into place.  This is PAIN FREE... at the end of the 20 minute session you feel quite warm. You are asked a series of questions whilst on the ultrasound, plus your blood pressure is taken too, as well as having a chat about your week with the therapist, and in my case - always a bit of a laugh.  You now need to wipe off the gel and you are left to wriggle your arms into your suit.  Now... this should be relatively easy, as you have previously got your whole body into this micro suit...  Alas the arms are trickier than tricky!  Tight fit for sure.

Back in comes the therapist and the roller machine begins.  To start with it's on a low setting.  It just feels like a roller going over your body and nothing too painful.  Then it is upped!  I personally find it intense going over my ribs, by outer thigh and top of my thigh - one side slightly less uncomfortable than the other.  You feel you are just about to say "oh please stop" and the movement goes in a different direction and you breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't give in.

My session finished I have to pay...  £120 for the treatment plus my packets of food.  They vary in price from £18 to £21.

I then took myself off to dancing - as they say it is best to go and do some exercise after a treatment to really get things going.