Day 2

Sorry- I'm a bit late with my Day 2 -  a month late - sorry!  

So... Day Two of Alizonne Medical Diet.

Wasn't feeling particularly great.  Had my food within half an hour of waking up.  Felt sick so went back to bed.  Second lot of food I had was the Bitter Chocolate dessert.  I made it quite thick and it tasted a bit like chocolate brownie.

Hardest part of today was making the kids food!  I so so wanted to pop a little bit of cheese in my mouth... I resisted and realised all those little bits of cheese is probably why I am on this medical diet now, along with boredom!

So all in all I had a decent enough day other than feeling pretty rubbish.  But I suppose the toxins have to get out somehow!

I have started a wee video diary but unsure if I'll post it or not as it is very basic - but hoping when I'm done it will show the "real - life" journey of Alizonne as opposed to the adverts showing purely before and after - not the journey inbetween.