We have lift off...

Day One...

It's a Thursday and it's 10am in the morning.  I've had nothing to eat since the previous evening when my last supper was a vegetarian pizza from Pizza Hut on my way to Edinburgh!  I only managed HALF!

Nervous, oh yeah!  I wore my standard garb!  Black trousers, black tshirt and waistcoat!  Anything to make me look slimmer!  Well that is the old saying isn't it.  The girls on reception  put me at ease as I waited for Sam to start my tests.

I was taken into her room.  First test was the breathing test.  You basically just have to breath into a tube thingy with a pinch on your nose so you have to breath through your mouth!  That lasted fifteen minutes.  And yes - when you hear the beep you can remove it!  I was too scared to upset the result so left it on!

Then you are whisked up the stairs to be weighed, measured, blood test and the first photo!  OMG... so embarrassing!  One fully clothed and one in underwear - be warned - wear matching!  Not that it will improve the image but it might!

By the time the bloods are taken you are actually feeling quite parched.  So on returning to reception the lovely ladies make you your very first Alizonne meal!  A drink.  It actually tasted so good as I was so parched.  A little sweet, but I thought heh - I can do this!  

As I had my black bag with me I ordered my food!  Not really sure what to pick - so took a couple of drink packs.  A couple of soup packs and some puddings! Plus I got my first load of supplements.  Next payment due £350!  

I was very lucky as my next appointment was to be later that evening when I would be put on the ultrasound and skin tightening machine.