First Ultrasound and tightening

I picked my slot so that it would allow me to come after work but early enough to allow me to do something else in the evening.

You need to bring with you - your lovely white suit!  And if you have not already got your food for the week - your black bag to carry it all home.

I was met by my therapist!  We climbed three flights of stairs, oh yes - nothing like starting the way we mean to go on.  Puffing and panting as I got to the top I'm taken into a room where I have to remove "all" my clothes and fit my large, bulging, fat body into this super slinky white body stocking!  This is going to look horrendous - this truly did look horrendous...

Now to get the stocking on is quite a battle to start with.  Lots of stretching out and exasperation. Then you need to stand up in it, and step on the scales - AGAIN.  This is registered as your starting weight.  You then lie down on the couch and you are strapped in to the ultrasound machine.

A strap goes around your middle and blocks with electrical bits are slotted in.  The gel is cold but not unpleasant.  They are then linked up to the machine and it beeps away for 20 minutes.  You feel nothing.  Just a warmth.  In between your blood pressure is taken, now remember I'd just climbed three flights of stairs, and battled with my suit so I really wasn't expecting it to be normal!  And correct - it wasn't... it was high... but they would monitor this.

Blocks removed - ready for the roller...  I was expecting this to be quite sore - it wasn't.  Well on some areas you are slightly more sensitive to it than others.  Around my ribs and my outer leg appear to be my weak areas.  But gritting my teeth and counting through it helped it pass.  

It takes 30 minutes.  When done - you feel great - even thinner.  No after pain either.  Your skin might be slightly red for a wee while but not too long.

A further cost is required here for £120.

Well I've started.  Day One food was interesting.  It's going to take a wee while to get used to it. To get the consistency of the food right.  But I'm focused and ready to look better and feel healthier.  Bring it on...