Initial Consultation - Pre-start to program

Well the day came!  I was so nervous but excited.  Unsure what to expect.  
Now... you must attend the first one a good fifteen/twenty minutes prior to seeing Sam!  Why?  Because you have a mini war and peace to complete.  Page after page after page....  So do remember every diet you've been on before as you need to know that!  And how much it cost... if you dare to add it up.
So War and Peace now complete and thru to see Sam.
She systematically went thru every page to make sure that I had understood exactly was I was committing too.  I was also told that I could, if I was not sticking to the plan, be put off of it.  No, I would definitely be sticking to the plan.
On the way out I was given a snazzy black bag, within the bag I got my new friend the exercise band!  A pedometer!  Yes I'm expected to achieve 10,000 steps a day.  How hard can that be?  Well we'll see.  Also in my goody bag was two containers to aid in the making of my meals.  A recipe book and the bible - the do's and don'ts.  The shopping list!
In a nice little box came "the suit"!  If you go to you can watch a video and see the SUIT!  It is very small, but stretchy - and you have to wear it once a week at the sessions.  And a packet of Orbit Chewing gum as that is the only kind you can have!  Second payment required here £120.
Next appointment booked... this time for bloods, the breath test and the all important weigh in and the dreaded BEFORE photographs...