The One Month Holiday

The flight was late afternoon on the Saturday.  So I had a chance to eat a couple of meals.  I made up three pre-prepared mixes and took some drink sachets in my handbag.  I think I was ready!  How I was going to manage the time differences I wasn't entirely sure but we'd go with the flow!

Aberdeen to London Heathrow...  Flight one - EASY!

London Heathrow to Singapore... travelling Economy Plus!  Nice... Comfy seats, extra leg room, cosy blanket, nicer meals!  Oh yeah - I'm not allowed the meals am I!  Well I was excited as they had steak on the menu.  BUT, when they got to me steak had run out.  So I asked if they had any salad as the other option was covered in sauce - no good for me.  About an hour later I got a salad, from first class no less.  It was the best salad ever!  Stewardess apologised but I was delighted.  I did have my protein sachet aswell so I was not starving by any matter of means.

Now to try and sleep...

Think I managed about three hours uninterrupted which I felt was quite good.  Quite a bit of movie watching and a decision to not eat any more on the plane just drink water.

We didn't have long in Singapore, enough time to make up another couple of sachets before our evening flight to Brisbane.  Now travelling with Qantas.

Oh yes, Qantas Economy Plus was an improvement on BA...  even nicer reclining seats.  Table cloths on our TRAYS!  Food was delicious.  I managed a salad and some beef.  So far so good.  More sleep before we land in Brisbane at 0600 hours.

Felt remarkably fresh when we landed.  Met by my cousin and her husband and whisked off to their lovely home.  It was cool to say the least but the sun was just coming up and it felt so good to be back in Australia.

Now the trick is to stay awake as long as you can!  With my cousin having just arrived from Aberdeen the day before we were all flagging!  So off out to see what is local to her...  first stop a cafe for coffee and banana cake!  Bring on the test of the diet.

All I could order was a glass of water as I wasn't due to eat till later.  I had to endure and smell bruschetta with crushed avocado and a hot chocolate, and TWO HUGE slices of banana cake and a pear and cinnamon cake.  It was warmed, of course, so the smell was intense.  Oh my goodness was I going to falter on day one... not on your nelly!