Adapting to a new phase every week is going to be challenging I think.  Although I welcome the new food groups I also worry how I'll adapt.

Potatoes... the first highlight.  Pasta...  These are two items that I used to eat regularly.  I no longer crave them but I want to know how I'll feel eating them!

Potatoes... bit of a let down.  Not nearly as good as I remembered.

Pasta ... now that was interesting  I was only allowed 100g - so not that much.  I chose wholewheat pasta - best option!  I only added a passata sauce with my allowed vegetables.  It took me 30 minutes to eat it.  Then two hours for my tummy to settle.  It was tight, grumbly and generally felt yuck.  I did not enjoy those feelings and won't be rushing to include potatoes or pasta in my new diet.

I am still on my ultrasound and skin tightening treatments during the last few phases.  Although not quite so much of me to suck!  In fact it makes funny noises the less body fat you have.  I'm not sure it gets any easier but there has been one or two sessions where I've thought it was a nice massage!  Lisa has been my "main therapist" during my whole journey.  She has been great.  Totally making me feel relaxed and we have a laugh and a giggle during the treatment.  It does help to chat through it so you are not thinking about how some bits are uncomfortable!  All the therapists are lovely but you do have a rapport with the one that you see most often.

On with the re-education...  I already fear the hard work is only just about to begin.