The holiday contd...

So - I think you'd get a little bored of a blow by blow account of how tricky it was to eat for a month on holiday... so I'll condense it for you - here goes!

Holiday Week One - being organised was key.  Having sachets made up (just-in-case) we got delayed and didn't get back to cook etc.  Challenges - finding something appropriate to eat whilst dining out and boy we were dining out lunch and tea most days.  Garden salads were a fall back when nothing else was available.  Most veggie dishes were including vegetables that were not allowed - they all looked delicious and appeared healthy - but not allowed.

Everyone apologised prior to their meal as I couldn't eat it - it bothered them a lot more than it bothered me as I wasn't actually used to eating normal food as such.

Holiday Week Two - Timeshare...  Sun - yeah!  Sunbathing - yeah!  Bikini - well why the hell not!!!  A lovely relaxing week, easy to accommodate my meals as we ate in the apartment most of the time.  One night we did have fish and chips.  Yes I even managed to find something I could have!  A piece of grilled John Dory and SALAD - fae a chipper!  Delicious.  

We did some fun stuff this week but it was easier to manage the food.  Slipped on one salad I ordered at Steve Irwin Zoo - it had hidden cheese in it!!!  So I picked it out!  That's how good I was at NOT breaking the pattern.

Holiday Week Three - The MOST challenging week!  Staying in a hotel in Melbourne and Sydney.  Catching up with friends!  Can Alizonne be done!  The day we arrived in Melbourne we were whisked off to a friends house and presented with a beautiful food platter!  Smoked salmon on brushetta, beautiful cheese, champagne, more champagne and even more champagne!  I, little halo glowing above my head, had water!  Plain old tap water.  They munched into Tim Tam biscuits too...  They were all very impressed and curious about this strange diet that I was on...  I'm going to take it to Australia!  Now to find a good doctor to get in tow with!  Sam...

Holiday Week Four - The weight was falling off me!  Lost a total of 12lbs.  I did splurge and buy some new jeans - and a few tops...  and a beautiful jacket that I spotted on Day 1... thanks Mum x  

The only thing that I broke on the holiday was the pattern of having to have a protein instead of a sachet at lunch and dinner but this was done with prior consent from the clinic.  I kept in touch via email during my whole month away.

The thing I missed the most was the skin tightening.  A month of no skin tightening was beginning to show!

But it goes to show that you can diet, have a fabulous holiday, lose weight and feel healthy and look amazing.  Phase 3 beckons...