Six weeks to go...

On my return from holiday the girls were shocked at how much I had lost.  Delighted, obviously but I think they thought I would stabilise and do minimal damage.  So how good do I feel - GREAT!

Well, I had my bloods done, weight and the all important skin tightening.  Ooh it was not good to be back.  Like being on the machine for the very first time.  And the only blessing was the filters hadn't  been changed!

I had lost a little muscle whilst away but my exercise was curtailed considerably.  I would need to get going again this week.

So Phase 3 - you get to have an ORANGE!  Now some of you would think YUCK and yep an orange probably wouldn't have been my first choice but god it tasted so so good.

Also... some more new veggies to include.

As I am already at my target I will now just be on each Phase for one week... so six weeks till I finish... the end is near, very near.